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Sonic heroes casino park backwards

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heroes casino backwards sonic park - happens. Let's

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Sonic Heroes Casino Park Backwards Video

Sonic Heroes - Team Sonic - Casino Park Knuckles was launched at the robot with fists online casino risiko front. How are we going to hard rock casino online them Amy? They flew onto the dice to reach the other platform. They all rolled down to the bottom and onto another pinball table. Way too easy, spiele heute bundesliga tells me this is gonna get a lot harder. His invincibility bubble disappeared and he was hit with the supersonic shot. This whole led them to two slides that went to the same table. I think either Knuckles or Big has to attack the floor so we can get to the giant pinball table. Alster city casino they sonic heroes casino park backwards off the last ball the teams landed on another elevated platform. Turns out the boxes were hiding an Invincibility Box. Both Cream and Tails pulled the switches at the same time. Noticing this, the teams changed to their flying leaders. While the robot was distracted by Knuckles, Big managed to jump over the beam and did a belly flop attack on the robot which destroyed him completely. Sonic and Amy easily destroyed the pink robots. This can be achieved by performing such actions as destroying enemies or collecting many Rings. Then a red bubble started floating down where the turtle was. On another note, my birthday passed on Friday, December 12th. They all rolled around until they all rolled down to the bottom which dropped james bond casino royale kritik on another platform with two gewinnchance berechnen robots. Leave it to me! Not gonna work this time shell head. They started getting closer best online casino trustpilot each other until… Knuckles: All new readers welcome.

We Only Have 24 Hours Left! We only have 24 hours left! I imagine Rail Canyon: Tails, how many time left?

We got until sunset! Tails, Knuckles, give it all you got, full speed ahead! Got it He flies to a really huge short cut and ends the stage in 1 minute.

Hey bro, are you working on this yet? Because I want to check some of the Sonic games of the adventure era in the future, and this looks very interesting to TAS.

We only have 24 hours left Geez tails you only beat the stage in 1 minute and 2 seconds. Your feet never touch the ground.

To think this was just a game from my childhood, I forgot how buggy it was. I remember having the xbox malfunction and not loading the stages right, but this is something else.

She thought back to when Sonic beat the other turtle robot single handedly. So she jumped high in the air and swung her hammer with such force that it flipped over all three turtles at once.

Then, she gave them all her version of a Homing Attack. She destroyed all of them within 15 seconds. Then three bubbles came from where the turtles were.

One was red, one was yellow and one was blue. They all grabbed their respective colors and leveled up. Right after they leveled up, Team Sonic sprang up over the edge of the platform.

Just then, both teams noticed that there were two pull switches that were about three anthropomorphic animals high.

Noticing this, the teams changed to their flying leaders. Both Cream and Tails pulled the switches at the same time. This opened a door that revealed a nasty-looking jellyfish robot.

Tails used Thunder Shot on the robot to daze it. Then Knuckles gave it a powerful punch to destroy it. He managed to grab the red level-up bubble that popped out of it.

Then they saw another glass dead end. Knuckles grabbed Tails and Sonic again and threw them at the glass floor so all of the team members would fall to the floor below.

On that floor were two Eggman-like robots with shields, a gold turtle and another jellyfish. Knuckles threw Sonic and Tails at the two Eggman robots and destroyed them.

While this was happening Cream used Thunder Shot on the jellyfish destroying it instantly. Amy and Sonic started looking in each others eyes again before they were snapped out of it by the others when they pointed at the blue bubbles and elevated platform above them.

Seeing this they switched to their flying leaders, again. They flew up to through the bubbles and onto the platform and passed through another red circle with a star in the middle.

This time Cream touched it and leveled up. This shield sent them to three acceleration treadmills that sped them up the steep floor to three springs that pushed them to another platform with a cannon at the end.

They all jump in and are shot out onto another pinball table. They all rolled around until they all rolled down to the bottom which dropped them on another platform with two more robots.

Both switched to their power leaders. At the end of this platform were three stretchy dice. These dice led to another platform. Both teams switched to their flying leaders.

They sure do fly a lot, huh? They flew onto the dice to reach the other platform. Then the platform turned to the left. At the end were three springs that sprung them up to a high platform with another turtle robot.

Sonic then used a Homing Attack on the turtle destroying it easily. A yellow level-up bubble popped out which Tails caught. Behind where the robot was, was a spring.

All of them jumped on it which sent them up onto another pinball table. They rolled around until Knuckles was hit by the paddle and sent up and off the table falling onto another platform that had a star with a red circle.

His momentum caused him to run right through it and into the wall behind it. Soon enough everyone made their way out of the pinball table.

They saw a bunch of green balls with stars on them. He used Homing Attack on the balls and sprang up to a high platform. When they landed they saw a couple of Eggman-like robots and two paths with accelerators at the ends of them.

Team Sonic beat one while Team Rose beat the other. The teams then ran to the accelerators which sent them to a floor with six springs.

These springs sent them to a platform with two jellyfish and a gold turtle. This left the turtle to Big and Knuckles. Knuckles had an idea.

Big did just that. Knuckles was launched at the robot with fists in front. With that Tails and Cream flew up to the switch and pulled it.

Once they pulled it the door opened revealing another turtle. Knuckles used Fire Dunk to break the floor which sent them down to another pinball table.

They all rolled down to the bottom and onto another pinball table. Then they rolled to the bottom of that table and onto a slide which spiraled around and dropped down on another platform with the goal star at the end.

They touched it and finished the level. Ok guys, you wanted long and you got it. Just so you know I had to play the game and look at videos on YouTube to get the level "blueprints", if you will.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. Is there gonna be a wedding between Amy and Sonic or will Eggman get in the way, again.

References from Sonic Heroes the video game. Chapter 4 is up. All new readers welcome. That was too easy. Way too easy, something tells me this is gonna get a lot harder.

I can handle this. Time for a Fire Dunk! My head is spinning! I think we should knock down those boxes before going up those springs. Not gonna work this time shell head.

Cream towards the shield: Right up there Mr. Knuckles led everybody to the shield. He was puzzled as to what to do. Uh… What the heck do I do to it?

Knuckles punches it nonchalantly. How are we going to beat them Amy? I have an idea! Hey, what happened to you guys?

We won coins!

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